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Taekwon-Do, the Art of Self Defense is now a household word in Queensland today. Our Taekwon-Do journey began in 1981, and since then community needs and expectations have changed considerably. This resulted in the formation of a progressive, practical and realistic system of self defense and martial arts training… the Queensland Taekwondo Academy.

ITF North Queensland

The Queensland Taekwon-Do Academy, has well established clubs in North and Far North Queensland. We have associate clubs in the Wide Bay and South East Queensland regions


We are affiliated members of the world’s largest Taekwon-Do organisation – the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and members of the National Governing body – the All Australian International Taekwon-Do Federation (AAITF).

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a safe, family friendly environment in which to learn practical self defense and original ITF Taekwon-Do. Individuals will develop a strong moral character and become empowered with the self-confidence to use the practical self defense skills should the need arise.

Your Instructors

Your instructor has been officially appointed after completing both practical and theoretical training and assessment. All instructors are first aid trained, and holders of the Government Blue Suitability Card to work with children.

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"New members are the lifeblood of the Academy and I welcome you as a fellow Taekwon-Do practitioner. "

New members are the lifeblood of the Academy and I welcome you as a valued student and fellow Taekwon-Do practitioner. I am sure that you will realise the benefits that General Choi intended from the professional, well experienced Academy Instructors. The Academy was established in July 2016 by Sabum Jeff Dieben. The Queensland Taekwon-Do Academy currently has clubs operating in North and Far North Queensland. Associate clubs to the Academy are located in Wide Bay Burnett, and South East Queensland. The Academy is a member of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) – Plaque Number 7407 – and as such students can train at any affiliated ITF organisation. The goal of the Academy is to develop individuals, young, old, male and female, with a strong moral character and equip them with the self-confidence to use the practical self defense skills they master should the need arise. The training year is divided into four terms with an examination at the conclusion of each term. The content at each Gup and Dan level strictly follows the criteria set down by the Founder of Taekwon-Do, General Choi Hong Hi. The Academy includes practical self defense as an element to be examined each quarter.

Self Defense Martial Arts Training


Instructors of the Academy are qualified, officially appointed and attend advanced training seminars which ensures each student receives the highest quality instruction.

Mr Jeff Dieben

Chief Instructor Kuranda
6th Dan Chief Instructor Mr Jeff Dieben is the Founder of the Queensland Taekwon-Do Academy. His study of the Art of Taekwon-Do commenced in 1981 under the guidance of Master Graham Moulden. Since that time Mr Dieben has continuously strived to uphold the tenets of Taekwon-Do and share the knowledge attained with students from throughout Queensland.

Mrs Marcelle Dieben

Regional Instructor Mackay City
Sabum Marcelle is currently a 5th Dan ITF Black Belt and has been studying Taekwon-Do continuously for over 20 years and has been instructing in North Queensland since 1998. Your Branch Instructor at Mackay is 2nd Dan Black belt Mr. Anil Silwal.

Mr Ben Gilmore

Senior Branch Instructor Mareeba
Sabum Ben, 4th Dan ITF Black Belt commenced training at Mareeba in October 2000. He has been an Instructor since September 2008, and appointed Branch Instructor in 2013. Sabum Ben has competed at both State and National ITF Taekwon-Do competition.

Mr Rene’ Pierre Isautier

Branch Instructor Cairns Northern Beaches
Rene’-Pierre Isautier is currently a 3rd Dan ITF Black Belt, having commenced training at Kuranda Branch in October 2004. Instructor Pierre has been instructing in Cairns since September 2013.

Mr Anil Salwil

Branch Instructor Mackay
Branch Instructor Anil is currently a 2nd Dan ITF black belt who has been studying the Art of Taekwon-Do since 2012. In January 2017 Mr Silwal was appointed Instructor of the Mackay club and since that time he has assisted many new students achieve their goals.

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